Zac Brown Band at the Hollywood Bowl October 26 2013



Last night I had the privilege of seeing the Zac Brown Band perform at the Hollywood Bowl. I was honored to start working with Zac's management awhile back, and it has been an incredible journey since. 

As I sat in my seat, Jason Mraz, the man who inspired me to make music, came and sat next to me. As we talked, I told him how 3 years ago I waited outside of the exact same venue to meet him after the show. When he finally came out, I told him he inspired me to play music and he gave me an autograph that said: "Keep putting it out there, Tony! -Jason Mraz." I told him this yesterday and he laughed and said "Look at us now. Well, my advice hasn't changed now that you've made it this far. Keep going." 

I sat there and thought about how incredible that moment was. I will remember it forever. I am so unbelievably grateful for all that has come my way.. For the people who have helped me in my journey, and for all of you who have supported. Follow your dreams, y'all. Because when they start to come true, there is nothing quite like it. Thank you for taking the journey with me. I can't wait for you to see what's next.