Weekend Songwriting July 28 2013

This weekend I've been fortunate enough to spend some time at Lake Nacimiento. Along with days spent on the beach and the summer nights that we wish would never end, I've been sitting on a back porch writing music while looking at the beautiful place that I am lucky enough to call home. Music has allowed me to take all the amazing experiences that I have had and engrave them in my mind forever. Music is a reminder that no matter when I felt something, I felt it. On top of that, I get to share it all with you which is pretty amazing. I finished another song yesterday that will make it on the album... I can't wait for you to hear what I've been creating over the past year. Keep living life to the fullest and consciously being grateful for everything that you have. It makes things a lot better. And hopefully when you hear these songs, they will take you back to the days that you wished never ended... Happy summer. I love you.



All the best,