Don't Allow 'Down Time' September 23 2014

It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day struggles, emotions, and surprises that life throws at us. Sometimes it feels like all we need is a second to slow down and breathe...

Other times, though, it feels like nothing is happening the way it should be, at the pace it should be, or in the exact fashion that you planned it to. That's how I've felt the last couple of months. The shows slowed down, and we started to make calls to jump on a tour as an opener. It was a weird transition going from (what I felt was) 100 miles-per-hour, to about 5 (the opposite of what Drake talks about in his new song).

I'm a writer at heart. It's what I have loved from the beginning, but as my career has furthered I have fallen so much in love with being on stage. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't do drugs because the stage is mine. Being up there satisfies my soul, and having time away from that kind of confuses me and makes me question "what am I doing?"

I let myself slow down. But as I did I realized: I can't allow down time. I used this "down time" to work harder than I had before. I started to brainstorm and think of different approaches to getting myself out there. I wrote and wrote, I planned and planned, and before I knew it, the down time is now about to turn into full go-time (in the words of Drake, "0-100 real quick"). As you can tell, I've been listening to a lot of Drake.

I have SO MANY announcements that I'm itching to tell you. I'm so proud of where I'm currently sitting. I can't wait to get out and play shows to any and all of you that want to come listen. The progress has been fantastic and I'm here to tell you: this progress came from what others would call "down time." Don't let it be down time. Turn it into a time where you can make your dreams reality. Work hard, and be where you want. Let's take over the world.


Love, Tony