Perfectly Enough... A Poem July 23 2014

One day I was walking down Ventura Boulevard through Los Angeles. I happened upon two girls talking. One of them was crying and I heard her sob that "she felt so ugly." I stopped immediately, turned, and told her, "Hey. I think you're beautiful."

I walked away before either of them responded, but it made me think. I started thinking about the pressures that women - and people in general - endure every day. Television and magazines tell us what is beautiful and what is sexy. We look around and take in all of this false information, and criticize and feel guilty about ourselves. Why don't we feel beautiful in our own skin? Without make-up or our hair done just right? Because we believe them. And I'm here to tell you that you shouldn't. You are beautiful just as you are in this moment. Sitting at your desk, whether you're in pj's or dressed up, you are perfect. And I think that sweatpants are sexy, anyways.

This is a poem that I wrote called "Perfectly Enough..."

I wrote it so that you will remember every single day that you are perfect. You are beautiful. You are perfectly you. Don't forget that.