The Gentleman Chronicles: By My Side July 14 2014

'By My Side' was the very first song I wrote for Gentleman. It's a weird feeling for me to look back into my "Voice Memos" in my phone and hear the recording from the first time I had the idea for the chorus. That memo was recorded on March 18, 2012. Well over two years - a true testament to how much of my life went into this album.

The song was my way of saying 'thank you' to someone who had stood by me. Sometimes it's hard to relay feelings in mere words, and that's where music really allows me to speak. I debuted the song acoustically for everyone who came to the album release party of Signs (SO WEIRD. That seems like a lifetime ago). The response was phenomenal... That's when I knew I was already onto the next album.

(This is actually the very first recording of the song, the day I had the idea to write it. Written at a family gathering while everyone cheered for the Lakers in the background)

I spent the next two years of my life just the way I was supposed to. I enjoyed myself with my friends and family, pushed as hard as I could to spread my music to the world, and documented a story of love, loss, and growth through the a group of songs that became Gentleman.

I'm grateful for all of you because you have listened to what I've put out there. I feel like you've been with me as I've grown and continue to grow. I always like to think that we're on this road together, and we are learning every step of the way. You each have your own interpretation of every song, just like I do. Maybe they evolve as we grow, or maybe they remind us of a time long ago. Either way, you have listened to them and I am grateful. I love you. We are in it together!