The Start of a Tour May 20 2014

This past Saturday, May 17, we played the first full band show of the summer. First of all, thank you to all the amazing people who came to The Hotel Cafe to support. We had a killer time and hope you did as well. LA goes the craziest.

To look into a crowd of people who are feeling what you are feeling, and dancing to a song you created - that is what I dream about. The Hotel Cafe show in LA was just that, and was the best start to a summer full of shows with a talented band behind me, where we will be dancing and singing from San Diego to Michigan and beyond.

I'll be performing an acoustic set this Friday, May 23, in San Diego at Lestat's. I hope to see you San Diegans there! And LA... Be ready for a crazy album release show in June. And the rest of the country... I'll be seeing you soon.


Stay Happy.