The Making of an Album April 15 2014

I released my first album, 'Signs,' on April 17, 2012. Here I sit, exactly two years later, having grown so much since then both as a human and as an artist.

If you had the chance to listen to 'Signs,' you had a chance to hear me learning. During that time of my life, I learned what it meant to love, what it meant to lose, and what it meant to grow up and chase a dream. As I went into the process of making 'Gentleman,' I felt so much more passionate about what I was creating - I knew this was truly who I was. This album is really a piece of myself. As I said before, it is my story of loving, losing, and growing. I went into 'Signs' somewhat unknowingly, and I didn't know what the final product would be like. With 'Gentleman,' I had the perfect vision of the album I would make.

I wrote the 13 songs of Gentleman from March 2012 through September 2014... a long span of time. The songs really covered a whole lot of things I went through. In the early fall of 2013, I met up with my friend Sean Cook to make acoustic demos of the songs - the very first step.

We had made 13 acoustic demos, and absolutely everyone was loving them. The feedback was incredible. When it came time to make a fully produced album, I was terrified that it wouldn't live up to what people were already loving. I met my producer, Max Allyn, and we hit it off. We worked and worked, and got to know each other better. Even so, our first couple songs were far from what I imagined. The feedback wasn't the best but we grew to understand each other better, and finally began to make some recordings that were getting people excited.

The next six months flew by. Max and I had become a well-oiled machine when it came to recording. On top of our compatibility in the studio, Max became a friend more than anything. I am incredibly grateful for his wisdom and expertise. He helped me make the album I dreamed about. We finished the bulk of the recording around March 1, 2014. We began to show friends and family, and it was an absolute treat for me to see the looks on their faces. The people that I wanted to make proud the most truly looked proud. I showed my mom the final product and she cried. What a beautiful moment that was.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this album. To feel excitement from others is something I am so grateful for. I hope you are excited too... I promise we won't disappoint you. 'Gentleman' is coming your way!