'Bite' on NFL on FOX November 21 2014

Happy to announce that my song 'Bite' can be heard on the NFL on FOX this season! If you hear it, be sure to let me know. You'll hear a familiar voice growling, "don't make me bite" live on National Television!






[Verse 1]

I may keep quiet,

But I’ll hold my ground.

When you go bend the truth,

That’s when I will get loud.


So you and that old man of yours,

Can keep barking now,

But don’t push me far enough,

‘Cause I won’t bark, I’ll howl.



So don’t you dare

Push me far enough, till I bite.

I’ll leave

You so far in my dust,

And you won’t ride these coattails

No, no more, not a word

You’ll be out the door.

So don’t make me bite.


[Verse 2]

You thought you could take me,

And go wring me dry,

But when could say it to my face

Couldn’t look me in the eye.


And try to send me to the pin,

But who broke the law?

Trying to get me on the crime

That no one ever saw.





Don’t make me bite,

Like the coward that you are,

You couldn’t fight.

You just went behind me back despite

Of what was wrong and what was right,

And look where we are tonight.



Don't Allow 'Down Time' September 23 2014

It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day struggles, emotions, and surprises that life throws at us. Sometimes it feels like all we need is a second to slow down and breathe...

Other times, though, it feels like nothing is happening the way it should be, at the pace it should be, or in the exact fashion that you planned it to. That's how I've felt the last couple of months. The shows slowed down, and we started to make calls to jump on a tour as an opener. It was a weird transition going from (what I felt was) 100 miles-per-hour, to about 5 (the opposite of what Drake talks about in his new song).

I'm a writer at heart. It's what I have loved from the beginning, but as my career has furthered I have fallen so much in love with being on stage. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't do drugs because the stage is mine. Being up there satisfies my soul, and having time away from that kind of confuses me and makes me question "what am I doing?"

I let myself slow down. But as I did I realized: I can't allow down time. I used this "down time" to work harder than I had before. I started to brainstorm and think of different approaches to getting myself out there. I wrote and wrote, I planned and planned, and before I knew it, the down time is now about to turn into full go-time (in the words of Drake, "0-100 real quick"). As you can tell, I've been listening to a lot of Drake.

I have SO MANY announcements that I'm itching to tell you. I'm so proud of where I'm currently sitting. I can't wait to get out and play shows to any and all of you that want to come listen. The progress has been fantastic and I'm here to tell you: this progress came from what others would call "down time." Don't let it be down time. Turn it into a time where you can make your dreams reality. Work hard, and be where you want. Let's take over the world.


Love, Tony

Calm Before the Storm September 03 2014

Hello friends!

It's been a while since I've blogged on here. It's weird how down-time seems to become the busiest. 

This summer we played a handful of shows and prepared with the band to get on a tour in the fall. My summer was full of performing, traveling, and a TON of writing. In a time when I have to wait to hear about future tours, I have an awesome opportunity to write, write, write.

The music I am writing at this point feels like the most honest music I've created. I feel that I find myself and my own style more and more everyday. On top of all the music, I have written plenty of poems, and even started a children's book. Couldn't be more excited... but what I am truly looking forward to is hitting the road and singing the songs off of 'Gentleman' for all of you!

Thanks for sticking with me. I can't wait to see you.

I love you.

The Gentleman Chronicles: I Won't Go July 30 2014

The songwriting process for 'I Won't Go' was different than my norm. I started writing this song in an attempt to write something for Justin Bieber. That's the god-honest truth. I had just started experimenting with writing for other artists and this was my first whack at it.

The more I played with it and fine-tuned it, the more I truly began to love it. It was an exclamation of love and commitment to a person that you cherish, and it was something that I hoped would make people dance.

When I first met with my producer, Max Allyn, I told him that I didn't necessarily think it would make the cut for the album. Thankfully, with his magic, he immediately started the funky drum beat in the song, and we grooved out and made one of my favorite songs on the record. I hope you are enjoying the song and dancing along! Thank you for listening, thank you for reading, thanks for sticking with me.

I love you.


Perfectly Enough... A Poem July 23 2014

One day I was walking down Ventura Boulevard through Los Angeles. I happened upon two girls talking. One of them was crying and I heard her sob that "she felt so ugly." I stopped immediately, turned, and told her, "Hey. I think you're beautiful."

I walked away before either of them responded, but it made me think. I started thinking about the pressures that women - and people in general - endure every day. Television and magazines tell us what is beautiful and what is sexy. We look around and take in all of this false information, and criticize and feel guilty about ourselves. Why don't we feel beautiful in our own skin? Without make-up or our hair done just right? Because we believe them. And I'm here to tell you that you shouldn't. You are beautiful just as you are in this moment. Sitting at your desk, whether you're in pj's or dressed up, you are perfect. And I think that sweatpants are sexy, anyways.

This is a poem that I wrote called "Perfectly Enough..."

I wrote it so that you will remember every single day that you are perfect. You are beautiful. You are perfectly you. Don't forget that.

The Gentleman Chronicles: By My Side July 14 2014

'By My Side' was the very first song I wrote for Gentleman. It's a weird feeling for me to look back into my "Voice Memos" in my phone and hear the recording from the first time I had the idea for the chorus. That memo was recorded on March 18, 2012. Well over two years - a true testament to how much of my life went into this album.

The song was my way of saying 'thank you' to someone who had stood by me. Sometimes it's hard to relay feelings in mere words, and that's where music really allows me to speak. I debuted the song acoustically for everyone who came to the album release party of Signs (SO WEIRD. That seems like a lifetime ago). The response was phenomenal... That's when I knew I was already onto the next album.

(This is actually the very first recording of the song, the day I had the idea to write it. Written at a family gathering while everyone cheered for the Lakers in the background)

I spent the next two years of my life just the way I was supposed to. I enjoyed myself with my friends and family, pushed as hard as I could to spread my music to the world, and documented a story of love, loss, and growth through the a group of songs that became Gentleman.

I'm grateful for all of you because you have listened to what I've put out there. I feel like you've been with me as I've grown and continue to grow. I always like to think that we're on this road together, and we are learning every step of the way. You each have your own interpretation of every song, just like I do. Maybe they evolve as we grow, or maybe they remind us of a time long ago. Either way, you have listened to them and I am grateful. I love you. We are in it together!



Thank You, Michigan. June 16 2014

I just arrived home for the first time in two weeks. Full of inspiration and love, I couldn't be more excited to continue this crazy journey that has only just begun.

Last week, we traveled to South Haven, Michigan to kick off the 2014 Waterfront Film Festival. This marked the first show with the full band, and the first time I'd ever stepped on stage with seven of the most talented people I've met. As I stepped on stage in front of 1,000 Michigan eyes, I was excited and nervous. This was something I'd been dreaming of for a long time, and the moment was finally here. I had the chance to make people dance and make people feel the music that I feel with the seven talented guys behind me. I'm writing with a huge smile because one of my dreams came true on that South Haven stage.

I want to personally thank Waterfront Film Festival, and the city of South Haven for embracing me and showing my team and I so much love. I will literally never forget this week. We will be back soon.

On top of having the time of my life on stage, we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to shoot the 'South Haven Girls' music video while we were in town. We all sang, danced, and had fun together on camera and I can't wait for you to see the finished product. Thank you to all who came out!

Next Tuesday, June 24, is the House of Blues Foundation Room show in West Hollywood. I hope to see you there, LA! And to all my Michigan friends: I love you and miss you already! See you real soon.




The Start of a Tour May 20 2014

This past Saturday, May 17, we played the first full band show of the summer. First of all, thank you to all the amazing people who came to The Hotel Cafe to support. We had a killer time and hope you did as well. LA goes the craziest.

To look into a crowd of people who are feeling what you are feeling, and dancing to a song you created - that is what I dream about. The Hotel Cafe show in LA was just that, and was the best start to a summer full of shows with a talented band behind me, where we will be dancing and singing from San Diego to Michigan and beyond.

I'll be performing an acoustic set this Friday, May 23, in San Diego at Lestat's. I hope to see you San Diegans there! And LA... Be ready for a crazy album release show in June. And the rest of the country... I'll be seeing you soon.


Stay Happy.




New Album 'Gentleman' Now Available April 29 2014

'Gentleman' on iTunesHello my beautiful friends!

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that my new album, Gentleman is officially available! This is a project that I have put so much heart, soul, and work into and I cannot wait for you to hear it. It contains 13 songs about love, loss, and life in general. I hope that the album touches you in some way.

Gentleman can be downloaded on iTunes HERE.

I hope you enjoy it. This is truly my dream album. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I am eternally grateful. I love you all.

All my love,

The Making of an Album April 15 2014

I released my first album, 'Signs,' on April 17, 2012. Here I sit, exactly two years later, having grown so much since then both as a human and as an artist.

If you had the chance to listen to 'Signs,' you had a chance to hear me learning. During that time of my life, I learned what it meant to love, what it meant to lose, and what it meant to grow up and chase a dream. As I went into the process of making 'Gentleman,' I felt so much more passionate about what I was creating - I knew this was truly who I was. This album is really a piece of myself. As I said before, it is my story of loving, losing, and growing. I went into 'Signs' somewhat unknowingly, and I didn't know what the final product would be like. With 'Gentleman,' I had the perfect vision of the album I would make.

I wrote the 13 songs of Gentleman from March 2012 through September 2014... a long span of time. The songs really covered a whole lot of things I went through. In the early fall of 2013, I met up with my friend Sean Cook to make acoustic demos of the songs - the very first step.

We had made 13 acoustic demos, and absolutely everyone was loving them. The feedback was incredible. When it came time to make a fully produced album, I was terrified that it wouldn't live up to what people were already loving. I met my producer, Max Allyn, and we hit it off. We worked and worked, and got to know each other better. Even so, our first couple songs were far from what I imagined. The feedback wasn't the best but we grew to understand each other better, and finally began to make some recordings that were getting people excited.

The next six months flew by. Max and I had become a well-oiled machine when it came to recording. On top of our compatibility in the studio, Max became a friend more than anything. I am incredibly grateful for his wisdom and expertise. He helped me make the album I dreamed about. We finished the bulk of the recording around March 1, 2014. We began to show friends and family, and it was an absolute treat for me to see the looks on their faces. The people that I wanted to make proud the most truly looked proud. I showed my mom the final product and she cried. What a beautiful moment that was.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this album. To feel excitement from others is something I am so grateful for. I hope you are excited too... I promise we won't disappoint you. 'Gentleman' is coming your way!




The Final Steps of 'Gentleman' March 18 2014

I wrote this album over the last two years, and it really is my story of love, loss, and growth in those two years. I wrote the song 'Gentleman' more recently, and decided that it would be the title of the album for many reasons. As I have matured and found myself, I realize that respect is of great importance in my life - especially to women. And in a world where most music objectifies and demeans women, I want to show that there are still people out there who will treat people the way they deserve to be treated, and there is still music that encompasses that idea.


With that being said, here we are, 8 months into recording.. So close to the end, I can taste it. Yet, there was one problem that we couldn't seem to solve: How do we record Gentleman? We tried it acoustic, with a big band of horns and background singers, with cool old keyboards... We tried EVERYTHING. We actually recorded six different versions of the song. Then, this last week, my producer Max Allyn texted my saying "I finally got it. It's finally there."



When I went to the studio to listen, my eyes welled up like a baby, and it hit me that we were finally there. This song, such an important song to me, had finally reached its potential. It brought everything together, and I finally had an album.


Through all of the hard work, long hours, and studio days, we have made an album that truly contains a part of me. I am so excited to share it with you. Thanks for taking the ride with me. I love you

Writing in Hawaii February 10 2014

This morning I woke up on the beautiful North Shore of Oahu. I am here this whole week vacationing and writing with friends. My dear friend and video director, Madison Turner, made this trip possible and allowed us to create in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

My goal was to get here, pull out my guitar, and write the first thing that came to my mind. It turned out to be one of my favorite things I've written. I have been writing like crazy and continued to be inspired and awe-struck by this beautiful place. Can't wait for you all to hear the new material! Coming soon. Aloha!


Zac Brown Band at the Hollywood Bowl October 26 2013



Last night I had the privilege of seeing the Zac Brown Band perform at the Hollywood Bowl. I was honored to start working with Zac's management awhile back, and it has been an incredible journey since. 

As I sat in my seat, Jason Mraz, the man who inspired me to make music, came and sat next to me. As we talked, I told him how 3 years ago I waited outside of the exact same venue to meet him after the show. When he finally came out, I told him he inspired me to play music and he gave me an autograph that said: "Keep putting it out there, Tony! -Jason Mraz." I told him this yesterday and he laughed and said "Look at us now. Well, my advice hasn't changed now that you've made it this far. Keep going." 

I sat there and thought about how incredible that moment was. I will remember it forever. I am so unbelievably grateful for all that has come my way.. For the people who have helped me in my journey, and for all of you who have supported. Follow your dreams, y'all. Because when they start to come true, there is nothing quite like it. Thank you for taking the journey with me. I can't wait for you to see what's next.

Weekend Songwriting July 28 2013

This weekend I've been fortunate enough to spend some time at Lake Nacimiento. Along with days spent on the beach and the summer nights that we wish would never end, I've been sitting on a back porch writing music while looking at the beautiful place that I am lucky enough to call home. Music has allowed me to take all the amazing experiences that I have had and engrave them in my mind forever. Music is a reminder that no matter when I felt something, I felt it. On top of that, I get to share it all with you which is pretty amazing. I finished another song yesterday that will make it on the album... I can't wait for you to hear what I've been creating over the past year. Keep living life to the fullest and consciously being grateful for everything that you have. It makes things a lot better. And hopefully when you hear these songs, they will take you back to the days that you wished never ended... Happy summer. I love you.



All the best,


Welcome! July 26 2013

Hi friends!

Welcome to the new site! Here you can find all tour dates, videos, and our brand new t-shirts in the "store" section! I can't express all my gratitude for your support and love. Thank you for taking this journey with me. I can't wait for the rest. Be well!